ASSOS H.laalalaiShorts_s7 Lady

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The Assos H.laalalaiShorts_s7 Lady Shorts are good for long distance training rides in the summer months. Tailored to fit a woman’s body, the H.laalalaiShorts_s7 are made for the woman who demands perfect fit, a sharp look, enhanced performance and complete comfort in the saddle. The strapless construction has less material making these cycling shorts cooler. The waistband is soft with a wide shape so the woman cyclist experiences total comfort leaning over the bike as she rides hard. Gentle compression and sweat-wicking fabric supports the female cyclist who stays dry in the ASSOS women’s shorts. Half circumferential leg cuffs keep the shorts in place, comfortably. The H.laalalaiShorts_s7 features ASSOS’ GoldenGate technology that involves attaching the chamois at the front and rear. This design leaves the sides free to float so the chamois moves with your body instead of against it. The design eliminates irritation in the most sensitive areas. At the heart of the chamois is an 8 mm-thick memory foam material with amazing return, so the padding resumes original shape and position. ASSOS’ custom elastic interface insert provides a flexible surface that adjusts to the shape of the female’s body even as she shifts her weight in the saddle and it makes the ASSOS Lady insert 35% more breathable.

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* Sweat-wicking fabric for a comfortable fit
* Award winning ASSOS lady insert
* Strapless construction with soft waistband
* Half circumferential leg cuffs for a beautiful look
* Gentle compression
* RegularFit
* Replaces H FI.Lady_S5.
* Made of 2 textiles, 3 panels and 10 components