Moxie Cycling Epaulette Skirt

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The Moxie Epaulette Skirt is what a woman needs to bring feminine fashion to the bike. Wear the Skirt over cycling shorts for longer rides or over the Moxie Skirt Liner when a chamois isn’t needed. The Epaulette can be adjusted between 7 inches to 14 inches in length. Adjustments from the inside shorten or lengthen the skirt. Snaps on the outside of the skirt pull the sides of the skirt up when needed. On days when you want more coverage, lengthen the skirt. A hidden waistband stores keys, ID, and money.

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* Adjustable cycling skirt between 7"-14" in length.
* No liner so you can layer skirt over your favorite bike shorts
* The Epaulette Skirt shortens the skirt using the snaps on the outside of the skirt to keep skirt free from the saddle during rides with a lot of climbing. Our popular Adjustable Cycle Skirt cinches from the inside of the skirt.
* Wear the skirt extended for more coverage post ride
* Hidden waistband pocket for storing essentials (ID, credit card, lip balm)
Sizes: S, M, L, XL
Size Note: Skirt sizing runs true to your typical size. 2/4 = S, 6/8 = M,10/12 = L, 14/16 = XL