Turbine 3.0 - Starter Kit

When you walk, you need oxygen. When you ride up a mountain road on your road bike, you need even more oxygen. The Turbine 3.0 expands the nasal passage so more oxygen can come in and more importantly, more CO2 can be extracted. Matt Goss, the Milan-San Remo winner, reaps the advantages of the Turbine when he is training and racing. Top racers are now racing in the Turbine which brings in up to 38% more oxygen and, in one independent study, the cyclists using the Turbine increased power output by 3.7%. Why does a cyclist using the Turbine produce more power? The muscles need oxygen. When more oxygen is brought into the body, muscles fatigue less so they can produce more power. The Turbine is very comfortable. Made from ultra-soft, medical-grade polymer, the Turbine is designed to follow the internal anatomical structures of the nose which is gently dilated via an adjustable ratchet mechanism. The Turbine is comfortable because no pressure is placed on the septum which separates the left and the right airways in the nose. It is recommended that each device be used up to a maximum of 10 times. The Turbine 3.0 starter kit has one of each available size (small, medium or large) so you can find the best size to fit your nasal passage.
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WOW - really works
Let me begin by giving a quick background of myself. As a child my asthma was really bad as well as my allergies.  I couldn't run to my mailbox without having an attack and I used to sleep sitting up a lot because my drainage was so bad.  Seriously, it sucks to be me.

As I got into my teens I outgrew some of it as I eventually started taking better meds and using an inhaler.  But still, sinus infections were ways looming and drastic changes in weather always kicked my ass.

On top of all that, I was told I have a deviated septum meaning my nose runs when I eat anything.....again, sucks to be me.

I have tried multiple things to make breathing thru my nose easier on a daily basis and even while training.  But I have to do the occasional 'snot rocket' on my rides and I keep a box of tissue next to my fluid trainer to blow my nose while riding indoors...about 3 times an hour.

But last night, holy cow.  I put the Turbine on and it was like a new world.  I never thought it was possible to breathe like that through my nose even while standing in my kitchen. I liken it to some one having laser eye surgery and being able to see without glasses or contacts. It was incredible.

But still, I was leery of how it would work on the bike. I was already wondering how I would be able to blow my nose with the Turbine in it.  So I start to ride. First 10 mins were warm up and then I went into a 20 min Z4 effort.  I was able to ride that entire effort without opening my mouth. Amazing. But it was only 30 mins. Haven't hit the normal nose blowing time yet. So my 10 min rest spin ends and I go into another 20 min Z4 effort, this time 94% of my FTP for a solid effort.  Again, mouth closed the entire time and heart rate was under control.

So I do my 10 min cool down and hit the showers...sad to have to take the Turbine out. I wanted to go to sleep with it on because I was breathing so opening thru my nose like never before.  What amazed me, unlike so many other applications (like Breathing Stripes) the Turbine prevents the nostrils from ever being able to cave in under heavy deep breaths.

I am very excited to be able to use the Turbine again on tonight's ride and will be giving it a good run this weekend as you know. Also, because I raved so much about it, one of my teammates ordered his Turbine Starter kit this morning.  He has the same issues as me and is training for The Leadville 100 race in Leadville Colorado next month.  He is excited to get his hands on the Turbine as well.

Thanks again and look forward to talking about your product again soon.  Can I ask how your product is selling in the U.S.?


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Awesome results
First time I used the turbine on a regular circuit I ride weekly,   I set multiple new Strava records for myself.

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