Turbine 3.0 - Size Medium (3 Pack)

Each time an athlete exerts greater effort, the muscles have to work harder as well as the lungs and heart. In order to do this, the body requires more oxygen. More oxygen enters through the nose when you insert the Turbine 3.0 Medium (3pack) into your nasal passage. It’s a simple, comfortable device at a modest price with a magnificent result---a 38% increase in oxygen and 3.7% increase in power output. Trek Factory team’s Calvin Watson is one of a large group of professional racers who trains and races in the Turbine. More oxygen is brought in and, more importantly, more CO2 is extracted. The following is a quick summary of how oxygen is used and why CO2 must be extracted. When you ride your bike, hike, or practice Yoga your body is asking for more oxygen to fuel muscles, heart and lungs. Heart rate and breathing increases. Oxygen enters through the mouth and nose, travels to the lungs, then to the heart which then sends it to the blood. The blood carries oxygen to the muscles so they can contract. Before more oxygen can be brought in, carbon-dioxide must be extracted from the blood. This carbon-dioxide exits through the nose. The Turbine is made from ultra-soft, medical-grade polymer and can be easily inserted into the nasal passage and dilated via an adjustable ratchet mechanism. This easy to use, comfortable and extremely efficient device can be used up to 10 times.
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