Turbine 3.0 - Size Large (3 Pack)

Research has shown that breathing through the nose is the best and most optimal way to breathe. Nasal breathing increases blood circulation so more oxygen is brought to the lungs and more carbon dioxide is extracted. The Turbine 3.0 Large (3 pack) dilates the nasal passage so more oxygen/carbon-dioxide exchange occurs. This simple device actually improves lung volume. Up to 38% more oxygen is brought in and one independent study, out of Melbourne, showed the Turbine increased power output in its users by 3.7%. The Turbine was introduced to the pro peloton in 2014 when Chris Froome, the winner of the Tour de France, raced and won in the Turbine. In 2015, more of the pro level racers are inserting this device into their noses because every advantage is pursued in such a highly competitive sport. The Turbine is a healthy, inexpensive way to improve performance as a cyclist, runner or any athlete who requires the maximum amount of oxygen exchange. It is recommended that each device be used up to a maximum of 10 times.
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