Moxie Cycling High Vis Epaulette Skirt

SKU: VIS14500
The Moxie High Vis Epaulette Skirt allows a woman to ride in a skirt and be covered. Wear the High Vis Epaulette Skirt over a Moxie Skirt Liner when no chamois in needed as you cruise through town for a social meet up. Or you can wear the Epaulette over a pair of cycling shorts for long rides over the mountains or through the countryside. Moxie Cycling has brought women’s fashion to cycling clothing so a woman can be a serious athlete and look like a woman at the same time. Size Note: Skirt sizing runs true to your typical size. 2/4 = S, 6/8 = M,10/12 = L, 14/16 = XL, 18/20 = XXL

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* No liner so you can layer skirt over your favorite bike shorts
* Hidden waistband pocket for storing essentials (ID, credit card, lip balm)

2/4 = S, 6/8 = M,10/12 = L, 14/16 = XL, 18/20 = XXL