Gore Bike Wear Xenon S Jersey

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The Gore Bike Wear Xenon S Jersey of 2015 is a tight fitting top that fits like a second skin. The cycling jersey is made with exceptionally thin material weighing next to nothing while still providing the right amount of protection in spring, summer and fall racing. A tight fit with welded seams and ergonomically shaped collar create a race jersey that fits perfectly and is exceptionally comfortable. Seams are closed using bonding technology which reduces the weight and bulk as well as ensures the jersey doesn’t chafe the skin. Breathable nylon and elastic are combined with oversized mesh inserts. This combination increases the air that flows through the jersey so you stay dry, stay cool and stay fresh on the bike. As you are pushing the pedals at maximum effort, the jersey helps manage body temperature keeping you comfortable enough to focus on the effort ahead. As the temperature rises even further, the full length zipper is easy to open up and let in fresh air. The 3-compartment back pocket is slightly tapered so you can easily reach back and retrieve the necessary fuel to keep the engine running. Reflective print and logos are placed all over the jersey so you are visible to car lights on low lit days.

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* Zip pocket on back
* Reflective print on sleeves, sides, and back
* Highly functional material mix
* Edges and hems with bonding technology
* Zip-underflap and zip-port
* Full length zip with semi-lock slider
* Less friction thanks to ultrasonic seams
* Especially light thanks to seams with bonding technology
* Mesh inserts for better ventilation
* Ergonomically shaped collar
* Reflective logo on front and back
* 3-compartment back pocket, slightly tapered on side for easy access