Louis Garneau Neo Power Motion 7 Short - Women's

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The Louis Garneau Motion 7 Women's Short has all the qualities to serve the needs of both the competitive female athlete and the woman who likes to fit in long weekend rides into their busy schedules. The Motion Airgel chamois pad is made with the Cupron fabric that reduces irritation to the skin and has special antimicrobial properties to foster wound healing. These protective traits last through the life of the chamois pad. The high density perforated foam that circulates air and has varying thickness protects the woman where needed and keeps her dry. Perforated gel inserts adjust to the female body to provide cushioning in the right places. At the front, air circulates through vents and a deep slit at the back is bridged by vented mesh for multidirectional motion and excellent comfort. The second skin feel is thanks to a combination of Power + Lycra® fiber along with the women’s Powerband compressive cuff. The Powerband provides a smooth compressive surface between short and leg while not restricting circulation. Fit has been perfected through the HuggFitt Waist that is designed to stay in place without pinching the waist of the female rider who is leaned over her bike. The shorts are cut in the right places with stretchy compressive fabric that will not bunch up but instead remain smooth and comfortable. Seamless inner leg is another feature to keep the shorts from bunching up. With no seams, the inner leg of the shorts is exceptionally soft and comfortable. Flatlock seams are another feature added into the shorts to ensure even 100+ rides are comfortable. Power Mesh is sewn into areas of the body most prone to sweat. The Mesh is highly breathable and it keeps the shorts dry. As the woman sweats, the shorts absorb and evaporate moisture. By staying dry, the body is better able to regulate a healthy body temperature and allow the rider to continue placing pressure into the pedals and riding comfortably fast. Louis Garneau has added a mini-pocket at the leg for easy storage of money or keys. Reflective accents at the back and bottom create visibility for the rider on early morning or overcast days.

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* Power + Lycra® fiber: Stretch and compression
* Power Mesh: Breathability, comfort flexibility
* Ergonomic 10 panel Fit: Pre-shaped to fit and support the body in motion
* HuggFit waist: Evenly distributes pressure around the waist for a comfortable fit
* Motion Airgel women's chamois pad is made with Cupron fabric, is antibacterial, and uses perforated foam and gel padding for the ultimate in comfort
* Mini-pocket with flap at leg
* Inseam: 7”/18 cm
* Seamless inner leg: Reduces bulkiness and excess material that causes saddle bunching
* W’s Powerband: Compressive cuff that reduces lower leg pressure and provides support without restricting circulation
* Flatlock seams: Eliminate irritation and reduce chafing
* Back and bottom reflective accents: Enhance visibility
* Compressive Fit