Louis Garneau Neo Power Motion Bib Short

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Compressive, close-fitting and very comfortable against the skin, describe the Neo Power Motion Bib Short which support the rider who wants to ride fast. Compressive cycling bib shorts increase blood circulation, speed recovery and decrease fatigue by 10-20%. They also help to absorb the vibration of the road. Vibration can fatigue a muscle, but the Neo Power Motion reduces the vibration the muscles feel. The Power+Lycra® fiber and Endurexx are both stretchable, and they rebound to the original shape so the rider has constant contact with the bib shorts. These shorts will not crease against the skin. The bib short material along with the anatomic design fit the rider in motion perfectly at all times. Additionally, a Powerband at the cuff maintains the position of the shorts without restricting circulation. The shorts are lightweight, smooth against the skin and the flatlock seams accentuate the luxurious experience the cyclist will have while riding in these Louis Garneau cycling bib shorts. The copper in the Motion Airgel Chamois pad has amazing protective qualities. Skin irritation is minimized and the seat area maintains health thanks to the antimicrobial and anti-allergen properties in the padding. The technology in the pad’s Beveled Edge Molding high-density perforated memory foam minimizes any drastic drop in foam density. The foam thins out gradually which ensures the padding is smooth and it doesn’t chafe the seat area. The chamois pad is designed for long rides because the Airgel padding conforms to the shape of the body and it stays ventilated and dry. Vents and a deep slit constantly circulate fresh air. Moisture is evaporated through the varying densities of the padding. Maintaining a cool and dry seat area helps to maximize comfort, especially on endurance rides. To maximize comfort, Louis Garneau built in a central channel which relieves pressure. A cyclist will be comfortable and at the peak of comfort in the Neo Power Motion Shorts.
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* Power + Lycra® fiber:  Stretch and compression
* Endurexx: Stretchability, compression and support
* Ergonomic fit: Pre-shaped to fit and support the body in motion
* Seamless inner leg: reduces bulkiness and excess material that causes saddle bunching
* Powerband:  Compressive cuff that reduces lower leg pressure and provides support without restricting circulation
* Flatlock seams: Eliminate irritation and reduce chafing
* Back and botton reflective accents: Enhance visibility
* Motion Airgel Chamois
* Compressive fit