Smith Overtake Bike Helmet - White

The Smith Overtake Bike Helmet provides maximum protection in a lightweight cycling helmet whose high level of ventilation doesn’t compromise its aerodynamic advantage. What stands out the most in the Overtake is what Smith has termed Koroyd Honeycomb material, a construction that runs between the outer shell and the more traditional EPS foam. Made of thousands of minute, extruded co-polymer tubes that absorb impact, the fenestrated surface also maximizes breathability. By adding in Koroyd, 30% more energy is absorbed upon impact and the helmet is lighter weight. A large helmet only weighs 295 grams. Lighter also means more aerodynamic. Smith found that 20 mm of Koroyd passes testing the same as 25 mm of EPS. Smaller helmets are faster. On a wind-tunnel test that simulates 25 mph over 40 km, the Overtake had an advantage of 1.06 seconds over Specialized Evade, 4.15 seconds on Giro’s Air Attack and 26.8 seconds on Aeon. While already more protective thanks to the Koroyd Honeycomb construction, Integrated Skeletal Structure and Carbon Fiber Reinforcements are another layer that offers a helmet that guards the rider’s head. Proper ventilation that ensures comfort and helps your head stay cool is also designed into the Smith road helmet. The X-Static with Reactive Cooling Performance Lining circulates air and pulls away body heat. Additionally, when compared to the traditional road helmet, more vents have been placed throughout the helmet without compromising safety. Twenty one vents are placed forward facing so air flows over the head. The vents are also placed at the exact angle so the helmet makes use of all aerodynamic improvements. The four biggest vents on the helmet are far bigger than any vents on a traditional road helmet. The Koroyd that fills the vents breaks down the air so your head won’t be blasted by large gushes of wind but it will be cooled down. Fit is perfected by the VaporFit Adjustable Fit System which allows the cyclist to tighten the entire ring that surrounds the head. The cyclist can also adjust the plastic cage that surrounds the back of the neck in three different height options. Well positioned pads that do a great job of absorbing sweat also ensure that a rider stays comfortable on rides when the temperatures peak out at the height of the day. Comfort is further boosted by the recessed anchors for the straps and multiple anchor positions for the retention system. Sunglass arms can sit in a groove that Smith designed into the sides of the helmet just so the Smith Optics sunglasses stay in place and won’t rub the skin. The Overtake has all the qualities required by a racer who needs a helmet that protects the head but is lightweight and cooling.

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* Lightweight AEROCORE In-Mold Construction
* Ventilated Protection Featuring Patented Koroyd Material
* Integrated Skeletal Structure and Carbon Fiber Reinforcements
* VaporFit Adjustable Fit System
* 21 Optimized Vents Balance Aerodynamic Performance Without Compromising Ventilation
* NEW X-Static with Reactive Cooling Performance Lining
* Ultra-Light Single Layer Webbing
* AirEvac Ventilation
* Ultimate Sunglass Integration