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ASSOS steps to the plate with the ASSOS T.rallyShorts_s7, a slim fitting, highly protective pair of mountain bike shorts. For the first time Impact Pads are built into the side to help protect you without sacrificing riding comfort or limiting your performance. The 8 mm thick full-bodied viscoelastic polyurethane foam is lightweight and flexible with a breathable perforated surface to give you complete freedom of movement. While the Impact Pads will not save your life, they will cushion your hips and relieve you of the pain on that inevitable mountain bike trail crash. If you do not wish to ride with them, take them out from their positioning pockets. The main fabric used in the bib short is the Kompressor Fabric, a soft elastic durable fabric that takes care of the mountain bike rider as he pushes his body to the limits. The elasticity in the Lycra short provides a part of cycling bib shorts that flows with your body as you are pedaling. Seamless and cut to the ergonomic position of a cyclist on a mountain bike, the shorts will not crease and they will not chafe. The aerodynamic construction of the shorts offers the performance mountain bike riders what they to feel great as they tackle even the toughest courses. Microfiber is exceptionally breathable and it wicks away sweat immediately so you are always dry. These bib shorts do great in the summer heat. The chamois uses ASSOS’ Golden Gate design that helps to separate the insert from the short for less friction. Since there is so much movement on and off the mountain bike, this chamois handles the rider’s comfort remarkably well. It’s also wider and positioned further back to accommodate the mountain bike rider who traditionally sits further back in the seat when compared to the road rider. The bibs’ crisscross design minimizes contact points while supporting the rider. The minimal contact reduces any chafing. Every aspect of the ASSOS T.rallyShorts_s7 announces performance, comfort and protection for the hard-core mountain bike racer/rider.

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* Elasticity ensures a contoured, anatomic fit that follows your cycling movement
* Innovative ergonomic cut for less pressure on sensitive areas
* Insert stabilizer with indented memory foam that provides the best comfort on off-road use
* Breathable microfiber surface for superior moisture management
* S7 platform
* ImpactPads
* MTB seat pad
* KompressorFabric: The heart of the rallyShorts is the fabric used - for best comfort, performance and durability.