Ale PRR 2.0 Jersey

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The Ale PRR 2.0 Jersey is a lightweight, breathable, cycling jersey that stays dry and doesn’t crease. The PPR 2.0 fits the competitive racer and it helps to cool the rider as his body heats up. The jersey boasts a series of highly technical fabrics that provide the fit and the comfort needed so the cyclist feels great in the jersey and he can focus on his performance. A rib knitted material for the back of the PRR 2.0 jersey has a mesh structure that adapts to the body in motion. The ribbed, elastic jersey stays close to the body and it supports the back pockets even when loaded with riding food. The front of the jersey is made with Puntino, a bright, highly visible material that wicks sweat fast to keep the rider constantly dry. Puntino is used on the front because it is not only very lightweight, but it also gives the jersey a modern look. The bottom of the jersey is kept in place by the J-stability system™, a double layered elastic system where the internal part is made of carbon fabric and the outer layer is micro-perforated.

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* Ergonomic design developed specifically for the bike position
* Innovative design of the pockets that are positioned on a longer tail for easy access
* Sleeve constructed with a rib knit elastic fabric that allows for a snug fit that improves aerodynamics
* Special fabrics chosen to provide maximum breathability
* Long reflex piping inserted in the back sides to improve visibility for better safety
* J-stability system™
* Rib fabric
* Puntino fabric