Ale PRR 2.0 Bib Short

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Ale revolutionized the bib short industry when they designed the lighter and stronger PRR 2.0 bib short. A mix of different fabrics are strategically placed at different parts of the garment so that every part of the body is taken care of as the cyclist climbs mountains and speeds through corners. Small holes in the surface of the Eyelet Carbon fiber dissipate electrical charges. The Carbon also compresses the skin and improves blood circulation so that lactic acid is pushed through the muscles. Anti-bacterial treatment works to reduce if not eliminate odor. The crotch, shorts and bibs area are woven with very lightweight fabric making it super-breathable. At the same time, the compressive fabric supports the muscles and helps keep back the onset of fatigue. The 4h chamois is good for long rides. The central relief channel in the 4h chamois pad relieves nerve pressure. Air circulates through the calibrated density padding providing maximum protection in a fast drying, breathable chamois pad. At the bottom of the leg of the shorts, a Lycra material keeps the shorts in place thanks to its internal surface with micro dots of grippers. This along with the dye cut finishing guarantee the short legs never ride up.

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* Crotch area made of woven fabric for maximum breathability and lightness.
* High tenacity and abrasion resistance compression zones are balanced by the use of different fabrics resulting in a gradual compression in the  peripheral zones
* Dye cut shaped bottom hem with small silicon dots to keep the garment in place
* Free system bib for the right support without constriction
* 4h chamois with a central relief channel to protect nerve endings is designed for enhanced support even in the longest rides. The calibrated density padding is breathable and fast drying providing maximum protection against the stresses of the road