Ale Ultra Jersey

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The Ale Ultra Jersey is made with the Finezza 44, a double layered polyester micro-fiber that micro-compresses and supports the body in motion. Breathability is increased through the air that flows through the air pockets. Micro-perforations on the external surface improve ventilation and work overtime to keep the jersey dry on hot days. Carbon yarn is inserted into the fabric weave to make the Carbon Triangle fabric on the back and front. The carbon absorbs and dissipates atmospheric electronic charges. Furthermore, it protects the body from the absorption of static energy, electro-smog and UV rays. The carbon fiber evaporates humidity and keeps the skin cool and dry. The fiber is also naturally anti-bacterial so the jersey won’t pick up bad odors. The stretchy sleeves ensure the rider can lean forward on the bike and the sleeves will stay in place.

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* Carbon fabric on front and back for improved well-being and fast drying
* Back mesh insert to promote breathability
* Stretch sleeves for better fitting
* Dye cut sleeve hem for comfort