Ale PRR Ponente Bib Short

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Used by professional and amateurs all over the world, the Ale PRR Ponente Bib Short is one of the most well-known bib short at the international racing level. Carbon fabrics and ergonomic fitting are combined to achieve the “Pure Performance” bib short. PRR is a fusion of Ale’s philosophy. Its ergonomic fit stands out especially when the rider is tucked down and riding fast. Ale carefully studied fabrics and in the end it combined ultra-light structured fabrics with highly breathable carbon yarn. The results of the years of research provide cyclists at all levels, a professional cycling bib short for the rider who needs to stay dry, cool and very aerodynamic at every point in their long, hard race. Ale Lycra is compact and quick-drying. It also supports the muscles with its compression. This Lycra fabric provides UPF+50 for protection against the blistering sun. The chamois pad is breathable and with padding thickness. While thick in the areas that bear the most weight, the padding gradually thins out so the rider has protection without bulk. The calibrated and breathable padding absorbs road shock. The elastic micro-fiber on the surface of the chamois adjusts top the shape of the rider as he shifts around on the bike.
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* PRR ergonomic fitting
* “Free system bib” for the right support without constriction
* Embossed fabric in the crotch area for maximum abrasion resistance
* “Lg stability system” at bottom hem to keep the bib short in place