Ale PRR Ale Ale Jersey

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A good cycling jersey takes into account many factors; an important aspect is the cut of the jersey. To ensure the jersey stays in place, Ale uses the “J-stability system,” a double-layered elastic fabric at the bottom hems and at the arms. The fabrics used to construct the Ale Ale Jersey also ensure the rider stays cool and dry. The front is made with a micro-perforated lightweight material that not only compresses to provide an aerodynamic advantage, but it also creates pockets of air that cool and dry the sweating body. On the back, Eyelet fabric with carbon has small holes on the surface so air can circulate. This Carbon compressive fabric also helps to increase blood circulation and get rid of lactic acid in the muscles.
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* PRR ergonomic fitting
* Front made of a micro-perforated material for breathability
* Carbon fabric on the back for improved wellbeing and fast drying
* “J-stability system” shaped for the bike position on the sleeve and bottom hems
* Specifically engineered for the body in the bike position