Ale Ultra Flegrei Jersey

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The multi-paneled construction of the Ale Ultra Flegrei Jersey provides a high comfort cycling jersey that has a more relaxed fit. The Ultra Flegrei is a great choice for cyclists who like those long, social rides. Stretch sleeves adjust to varying body types so many riders have a good fit in the Ultra Flegrei. Durable fabrics protect the rider under all kinds of weather conditions. In the Ultra Flegrei Jersey, the rider stays comfortable in hot, cool, dry and moist days. Wide mesh inserts are breathable and provide a surface where air circulates to keep the rider cool and dry. The back is made with carbon triangle fabric which is a quick drying fabric that absorbs the vibrations of the road so the cyclist can ride comfortably on longer rides.
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* Multi panel construction with wide mesh inserts
* Back made with carbon fabric
* Stretch sleeves for better fitting