Ale Ultra Flegrei Bib Short

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The Ale Ultra Flegrei Bib Short adaptably fits many riders thanks to the stretch mesh bibs and technologically advanced fabrics. The many panels of the bib short cover, without creasing, the changing angles of the body is it moves on the bike. The 2H chamois in soft elastic micro-fiber is shaped to fit the anatomy of the rider so movement is unrestricted and comfort enhanced. The padding is breathable and it absorbs the shocks of the bumpy road. The Ale Lycra is fast drying and comfortable and the 50 mm elastic leg gripper distributes pressure evenly so the shorts stay in place without pinching the skin. Ale Ultra Flegrei Bib Short is a great pair of bib shorts for those casual, social rides.
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* Multi panel construction with “embossed” crotch area
* Elastic mesh bibs with small holes
* “Lg stability system” 50mm in the bottom hem to evenly distribute the pressure on the leg