Ale PRR 2.0 Jersey - Women's

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The new Ale PRR 2.0 Women’s Jersey is Ale’s modern cycling jersey made for the serious competitions. It distinguishes itself from the traditional cycling jersey through innovative and technical fabrics that create a sophisticated garment tailored to the dedicated female athlete. To enhance performance qualities, lightweight fabric is added and excess material eliminated. The elimination of excess material removes the possibility of creases so the female cyclist can start a race or hard training ride feeling ready to take on the competition. The back of the woman’s jersey is made with Rib, a knitted material with a mesh structure that adapts to the body in motion and stays close to the body. Its structure is ribbed and elastic but firm enough to support the back pockets when they are filled with riding/racing food. The front is made with Puntino, a lightweight material chosen for its bright appearance and its ability to wick sweat quickly. The sleeves are made with Microcostina, an incredibly lightweight polyester microfiber with an extremely elastic structure. This structure promotes fit and quick drying so the rider is aerodynamic and comfortable.

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* Ergonomic design developed specifically for the bike position
* Innovative design of the pockets that are positioned on a longer tail for easy access
* Sleeve constructed with a rib knit elastic fabric that allows for a snug fit that improves aerodynamics
* Special fabrics chosen to provide maximum breathability
* Long reflex piping inserted in the back sides to improve visibility for better safety