Ale PRR Agnostia 2.0 Bib Short - Women's

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For women who like the security of bibs, the Ale PRR 2.0 Bib Short supports the competitive woman so she can take on every bike challenge. The 2.0 revolutionizes the women’s bib short market with lighter and stronger material. The fabrics are durable, they last through the intense hours of many rides and races. The crotch area, the area that receives the most friction against the saddle, is made with a woven fabric that has a high resistance to abrasion. The 4H chamois pad is shaped specifically for a woman’s body. A central relief channel protects nerve endings and multi-density padding provides just the right protection needed from riding for miles over potholed roads. The compression in the 2.0 helps to stimulate blood flow and increase recovery. The same compressive Lycra combined with Carbon fabric keep the shorts in place and they keep them from creasing. These cycling shorts look great, feel great and provide an aerodynamic advantage. The mix of different fabrics for the different parts of the body are strategically located in different anatomical zones following a body mapping principle. What this means is that the areas that sweat the most have mesh and other breathable fabrics to circulate air and cool down the woman rider in hot weather. A gripping Lycra material in the legs and a dye cut shaped bottom hem keep the 2.0 bib shorts perfectly adherent to the skin. The bibs have Carbon in them so they stretch and fit the upper body without constricting motion.

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* Crotch area made of woven fabric for maximum breathability and lightness. High tenacity and abrasion resistance
* The compression zones are balanced by the use of different fabrics resulting in a gradual compression in the peripheral zones
* Dye cut shaped bottom hem with small silicon dots to keep the garment in place — free system bib for the right support without constriction
* 4h chamois with a central relief channel to protect nerve endings. Designed for enhanced support even in the longest rides. The calibrated density padding is breathable and fast drying providing maximum protection against the stresses of the road