Ale PRR Krakatoa Vest - Women's

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The windproof membrane on the front of the Ale PRR Krakatoa Vest blocks out chilly wind. Wear the Krakatoa vest on windy days or on days when you will be descending a mountain and you will be comfortable. Lightweight and easy to store into the back pocket, the Ale cycling vest can be brought on a ride or race without the cyclist being weighed down. When worn, the compressive Carbon sewn into the vest provides a smooth surface for air to flow over so aerodynamics isn’t compromised. The front of the women’s cycling vest has a micro-perforated material and the back has a mesh. Both of these fabrics circulate air within the vest so the cyclist stays cool. The PRR ergonomic fitting was developed after years of research looking for the most aerodynamic design. The PRR was applied to the Krakatoa Vest so the performance rider has protection against chilly wind and can ride with an aerodynamic advantage. The “J stability system” creates a compressive cuff around the sleeves and bottom hem so the vest stays in place, adding another feature for a well fitted pair of bib shorts.
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* PRR ergonomic fitting
* Front made of a micro-perforated material for breathability
* Carbon fabric on the back for improved wellbeing and fast drying
* “J-stability system” shaped for the bike position on the sleeve and bottom hems
* In the vest the front part features a windfront membrane to protect from wind, back mesh for breathability