Ale Ultra Libeccio Bib Short - Women's

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You get great value for your money with the Ale Ultra Libeccio Women’s Bib Short. Ale uses their own PRR ergonomic fitting system to create a pair of bib shorts that fit the body of a woman in the bike position. Women are angled differently on a bike than men, which is why Ale studied women’s bodies to design the Libesccio Women’s Bib Short. Made with Ale Lycra, a higher density material that lightly compresses the legs, these shorts help a woman to feel great on the bike. Compression increases circulation and helps to get rid of lactic acid. This compression also creates an aerodynamic pair of cycling shorts that a woman can wear to race in. The resilience of the embossed fabric in the crotch area won’t wear down from frequent pedaling. These bib shorts are durable and designed to last. The hem on the legs is made with thin elastic silicone threads that are woven into the fabric. This construction provides the right amount of compression to comfortably keep the shorts in place. Besides the way the material is sewn together to fit the woman in the riding position, the W4H chamois pad was also designed specifically for women. Ale placed the padding in the areas the body has contact with the seat. The highly breathable, high density padding keeps a woman dry as she is being protected from road vibration. Lastly, Ale created lateral shaped wings specifically to conform to the shape of a woman’s body so she can ride long distances and be comfortable.
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* PRR ergonomic fitting
* “Free system bib” for the right support without constriction
* Embossed fabric in the crotch area for maximum abrasion resistance
* “Lg stability system” at bottom hem to keep the bib short in place
* Long reflective piping in the back part of the legs for visibility