Ale Plus Antigua Tank Top - Women's

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The Ale Plus Antigua Women's Top looks like a simple, flattering tank top, but the complex construction makes it an athletic top that supports the female athlete’s body in motion. The tight-fitting top creates a smooth surface for air flow. The same fabric wicks sweat and circulates air to cool down a woman’s body on the bike or run. The innovative light fabrics provide a woman with what she needs to stay comfortable performing in warm weather. Ale constructed these fabrics so a woman performs unrestricted in the bike position. An internal bra supports a woman’s body as she is pedaling a bike and as she is running. Two rear pockets are easy to access riding or hiking food.
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* Woman stretch tank top
* Stretch cotton like fabric
* Internal bra
* Specifically engineered for the female body in the bike position
* 2 rear pockets