Ale Plus Color Legband Short - Women's

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The Ale' Plus Color Leg Band Women's Shorts are for the female cyclist who loves to ride her bike without the restrictions of overly tight cycling shorts. Made with stretch cotton-like fabric and a soft waistband, the Plus Women’s Shorts stay comfortably close to the female body as cycling shorts should do, but without the discomfort of highly compressive shorts for a smaller frame. The Ale' Plus Women's Cycling Shorts are designed to fit a woman’s body that has a different hip to waist and inseam measurements than that of a man. The combination of fabrics and woman’s specific design provide exceptionally comfortable cycling shorts for the woman who rides her bike short and long distances over flat and mountainous terrains. The Plus Shorts are all-around women’s cycling shorts. The 4HW shammy is another woman’s specific feature in the Plus Women’s Shorts. Since cyclists tend to spend many hours on the bike, the shammy padding is arguably the most important when it comes to cycling short comfort. Men and women have different structures that require padding in different areas. Ale' created the 4HW shammy with padding that is breathable and heavier in the areas where a woman’s body needs the most protection while it gradually minimizes so a woman isn’t riding her bike with what would be too bulky padding. The shorts’ minimal padding allows total freedom to pedal. Shorts are kept from riding up by the bottom hems that have silicone woven into the structure on a 50 mm elastic band that distributes pressure evenly over the leg so the shorts stay comfortably in place. The color leg band adds an extra element of style to the riding woman’s pedaling body.
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• A Traditional “Comfortfit” short with a looser fit matching with all the jersey in the collection. The looser still ergonomic fit makes this short the best choice for many different riders. • STRETCH COTTON LIKE FABRIC • LG STABILITY SYSTEM™ 50 mm elastic band in the bottom hems for comfort without constriction • SOFT WAISTBAND • 4HW SHAMMY ANATOMICALLY shaped for utmost freedom of movement and excellent protection when riding • Specifically engineered for the female body in the bike position