Ale Plus Bib Short - Women's

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The Ale Plus Women's Bib Shorts are warm weather riding bib shorts with an anatomic cut and a regular fit. Multiple panels are made with Ale’s Lycra which dries quickly and evaporates humidity right away. The UPF 50+ blocks out damaging sunrays which is an essential quality in the summer months. The same fabrics circulate air so the woman cyclist stays dry and doesn’t overheat as her effort heightens and outside temperature rises. Large holes in the bibs circulate air to dry any sweat on the body. The wide 50 mm leg gripper spreads the compression over a large area so the shorts stay in place without pinching the skin. The Plus series are not a simple basic line but cycling clothing that is durable, resistant and they take care of an athlete’s body. The Ale Plus takes care of a female athlete’s body by providing the right amount of compression which stimulates blood flow and speeds up recovery. The compression acts as a light massage to the muscles of the female cyclist as she pedals. To keep the bottom hem comfortably in place, Ale uses an elastic system made in two layers. The internal layer is made with a carbon fiber that compresses without pinching the skin. The outer micro-perforated layer circulates air so the rider stays dry. The 4HW chamois pad is engineered for the woman’s body. A central relief channel decreases pressure and the padding is multi-layered for the right amount of protection against the shock of the roads. The padding is breathable and it dries fast so the cyclist stays comfortable even on very long rides.
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* Multi panel bib short designed for medium / intense training activities.
* Large holes in the bibs improve transpiration and quick dry
* LG STABILITY SYSTEM™ 50mm leg gripper distribute the pressure on the leg and keeps the garment in place during the ride
* 4HW CHAMOIS with a central relief channel.  Designed for enhanced support even in the longest rides. The calibrated padding is breathable and fast drying providing maximum protection against the stress of the road.