Ale Plus Knickers - Women's

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Keep the motivation high on windy days by slipping into the right cycling apparel. The Ale Plus Women's Knickers are a great pair of knickers to block out wind and keep skin breathing and the rider comfortable. The exceptionally soft stretch fabric offers a lot of versatility while it circulates air to keep rider dry. Ale’s Lycra and the multi-panels provide a super comfortable pair of bib knickers for the woman who loves to cruise the roads on her road bike. Ale’s 4HW Chamois pad is constructed with a central relief channel specifically for a woman’s body. The relief channel relieves pressure so a woman has no pinching sensations. The padding is thickest over the highest pressure areas. This padding thins down where it is needed less. The result is a padding that protects without getting in the way. Comfort is enhanced through the waist of the knickers that fits the shape of the woman as she is leaned over her bike. The wide leg gripper keeps the legs in place without pinching the skin.
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* Ideal conditions for midseason
* Great comfort
* Soft waistband
* Designed to follow the shape of the female body
* LG STABILITY SYSTEM™ 50mm leg gripper distribute the pressure on the leg and keeps the garment in place during the ride
* 4HW CHAMOIS with a central relief channel to protect nerve endings. Designed for enhanced support even in the longest rides. The calibrated padding is breathable and fast drying providing maximum protection against the stress of the road.