Ale Triathlon Elba Sleeveless Jersey

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The lightweight Ale Triathlon Elba Sleeveless Jersey is a wear resistant sleeveless jersey made for triathletes. The swim, bike and run legs of the triathlon require clothing that is close fitting and dries quickly. The Elba Jersey meets these requirements and it also holds up against the stresses and wear-and-tear that can happen in any of the three stages. The front of the jersey is dual layered. The layer closest to the skin creates air pockets that circulate fresh air over your skin. The micro-perforation on the outer layer ventilates and quickly dries the skin. On the back of the jersey a micro mesh material compresses and aerates skin. In the bottom hem, an elastic system, made in coupled double-layer fabric, keeps the jersey in place. The internal layer uses close-fitting carbon fabric while on the outside, micro-perforated fabric compresses and ventilates. The combination of fabrics combines to keep the triathlete dry and comfortable.

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* Elastic micro-perforated fabric in the front
* “J stability system” in the bottom hem for improved fit
* Micro mesh fabric in the back