Ale Triathlon Elba Sleeveless Top

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SKU: L131
The Ale Triathlon Elba Sleeveless Top is great to wear for summertime triathlons. The sleeveless top is close-fitting and breathable thanks to a series of different fabrics. Kite, a soft, micro-mesh, ultra-thin fabric, ventilates and wicks sweat. The front of the top is made with an elastic micro-perforated fabric that ventilates. In the back, a Micro Mesh fabric circulates air to keep the triathlete cool and dry. The elastic “J stability system” in the bottom hem keeps the jersey in place with a dual layered combination. The carbon fabric closest to the skin is gripping. The outer layer of the hem is micro-perforated which compresses and keeps the hem ventilated and dry.

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* Elastic micro-perforated fabric in the front
* “J stability system” in the bottom hem for improved fit
* Micro Mesh fabric in the back