Ale Triathlon Elba Skinsuit - Back Zipper

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The second skin construction and the water resistant fabric in the Ale Triathlon Elba Skinsuit with a back zipper can enhance the triathlete’s performance in the swimming, cycling and running parts of the triathlon. The back zipper opening from the bottom toward the neck has a long drawstring that makes it easy to open and close quickly. The tri chamois pad is thin enough to allow freedom of movement in the swim and run but thick enough to protect while time trialing on the bicycle. The Elba is dual layered so the triathlete stays dry and comfortable. The inner portion is made of breathable fabric that conforms to the anatomy of the the wearer and the outer layer is made with wicking fabric. The Elba is made with Ale Lycra that is close fitting, quick drying and exceptionally soft against the skin. Ale designed a 50 mm elastic leg gripper with silicone that keeps the leg portion of the skinsuit comfortably in place in all three legs of the triathlon. The material in the Elba is compressive so the triathlete is not only extremely aerodynamic, but his body is supported throughout the demands placed on it in the swim, bike and run.

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* Teflon coated fabric which makes it resistant to water penetration
* Leg grip 50mm elastic with silicone in the bottom
* Back zipper opening from the bottom toward the neck with long and handy drawstring new tri Chamois designed specifically for triathlon
* Specifically engineered for the male body in the bike position