Ale Triathlon Elba Skinsuit - Front Zipper

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SKU: L12946015
The close fitting body-shape construction and the lightness of the fabrics in the Ale Triathlon Elba Skinsuit with a front zipper make it ideal for performing in long tri races. Engineered to fit the male triathlete in the swim, bike and run, the Teflon-coated fabric makes the skinsuit resistant to water penetration so the athlete goes into the bike leg of the triathlon without the weight of water. The quick drying Lycra is super lightweight and thin so the triathlete feels great as he races in a skinsuit that enhances performance with its breathable mesh fabrics. Besides being made with fabrics that are compact and close fitting, this skinsuit has a 50 mm elastic leg gripper with silicone at the bottom edge that keeps the suit from riding up. Ale’s new tri chamois pad has padding that is designed specifically to protect in the TT position and thin enough to not interfere with the run. The micro-fiber in the padding adjusts to the anatomy of the triathlete and it also dries very quickly. Store GUs in the lightweight, breathable back pockets.

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* Super matt 190gr.
* Lycra for lightness and reduced thickness which fits the athlete like a second skin
* Leg grip 50mm elastic with silicone in the bottom
* Back and pocket panels made of super lightweight mesh like materials
* New tri chamois designed specifically for triathlon
* Back pocket panels made of super lightweight mesh like material