Ale PRR Krakatoa Jersey - Women's

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The Ale PRR Krakatoa Women’s Jersey is a well-known jersey that has been worn by winning female professional and amateur cyclists all over the world. Breathable, windproof fabrics are combined with a jersey designed to fit the female athlete while in the riding position. The result is a jersey for the competitive woman cyclist. The front of the jersey is made of an incredibly lightweight micro-perforated material whose air pockets against the skin keep the female cyclist cool. On the outside, the material pulls away sweat and keeps the cyclist dry. On the back, Eyelet fabric with carbon has small holes in the surface, making this another feature that increases breathability and comfort in warm weather. Mesh is added to further increase breathability. The J-stability system is an elastic system used in the sleeves and bottom hems to keep the cycling jersey in place without uncomfortably pinching the skin.
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* PRR ergonomic fitting
* Front made of a micro-perforated material for breathability
* Carbon fabric on the back for improved wellbeing and fast drying
* “J-stability system” shaped for the bike position on the sleeve and bottom hems
* In the vest the front part features a windfront membrane to protect from wind, back mesh for breathability