Sidi Cielo Aero Race Bib Short

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Careful selection of fabrics and a top level chamois pad provide comfort and performance to the cyclist who rides in the Sidi Cielo Aero Race Bib Short. Top level support is provided with the short’s body made of 30% Lycra. The Giro Air leg band that distributes pressure evenly over a wider area also contributes to the close fit. The designers then added dimples on the side fabric to further increase the aerodynamic qualities of these race fitting bib shorts. Through wind tunnel testing, it was determined that the Cielo saves 10 watts/50 km/h. This aerodynamic pair of bib shorts that feel like a second skin also compress working muscles to speed up recovery time. Supporting the cyclist in the pursuit of a great ride was carefully planned out in the design of the Cielo bib short. A new double V construction on the front keeps everything in place without compressing and pinching the stomach. Comfort is further ensured with flat bib straps. The bib shorts are put together with a seamless inner leg and flatlock seams. This construction tops off the features that provide a pair of shorts that don’t move around and don’t chafe the skin. The Cielo fits perfectly and provides a pair of bib shorts that keep the cyclist comfortable on short and very long rides. The final feature to guarantee comfort is the Progetto X2 Air seat pad. The four-way-stretch, seamless skin layer in the seat pad is now even softer. The seat pad that had already established itself as one of the most comfortable seat pads is now even more comfortable as three gel inserts are placed into the padding to provide extra protection. The padding varies in thickness. Thick where the rider’s seat receives the most pressure, the padding gradually thins in areas the cyclist doesn’t need as much protection. The varying thickness provides the serious cyclist with a pair of cycling bib shorts that protects but doesn’t get in the way of a smooth pedal stroke and riding fast.

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* Famous Free bib keeps your chest free to avoid overheating
* No inner-leg seam
* Color-matched GIRO3 single-layer engineered gripper
* 2 rear reflective inserts
* New improved Progetto X2 Air seat pad for even greater comfort and improved airflow
* Comfort temperature range 17°-35°C / 62.6-95°F