Sidi Diva Ladies Short

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The Sidi Diva Ladies Shorts are soft but compressive so a woman on a bike is comfortable in a pair of close-fitting cycling shorts. An immediate connection is felt with the cycling shorts made with panels of Affinity Lycra® fabric that are bound together with double-needle stitching. The Lycra stretches when a woman contracts her muscles while riding her bike. What makes these shorts a perfect fit 100% of the time is the Lycra that rebounds. The Diva shorts never bunch up or crease, but instead stretch and then return to their original shape. Comfort is designed into the very soft waist which feels great when the woman cyclist is leaned over the handlebars. The chamois pad is essential to help maintain comfort in cycling shorts. The Diva boasts the KISS3 Donna pad that is woman specific. Woman specific chamois padding is designed based off a woman’s anatomy. The layer closest to the skin is a seamless, super soft, brushed microfiber that is flexible to move with. The outer layer of the chamois pad conforms to the shape of the cyclist’s anatomy and protects where it needs to protect and it does not chafe the skin. A bacteriostatic treatment has been added to even further prevent saddle sores and infection. The padding has maximal thickness and density in the ischial zone which tapers to moderate thickness in the perineum and minimal thickness at the perimeter. The variable thickness design provides the right amount of padding for protection without creating unneeded bulk that would interfere with a smooth pedal stroke.

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* Affinity Lycra® fabric provides outstanding stretch and rebound
* Soft touch waist
* Double-needle stitching
* Giro3 single-layer leg gripper elastic
* Castelli wordmark printed or embossed on back leg panel
* KISS3 Donna women’s-specific seat pad
* Comfort temperature range 17°-35°C / 62.6-95°F