Sidi Summer Gloves

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The SIDI Summer Gloves are lighter and cooler without losing the ability to provide a great grip. The palm in the Summer Gloves has enough padding with silicone to absorb the vibration from the road without compromising great contact with the handlebars. The synthetic palm provides a grip that isn’t lost when you sweat or even when you’re stuck in a rain storm. Slip on the aerodynamic gloves and quickly close them up with a molded Velcro closure. The Lycra® back stretches for a comfortable fit. It allows the hands to brake, shift and steer the bike around corners and through packs of other cyclists without any restrictions. The cycling gloves are very easy to slip on, slip off, clean and are a great addition to the cycling gear of a committed cyclist.

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* Slip-on aerodynamic fit
* Printed Lycra® back
* Lightly padded synthetic palm with silicone
* Non-slip logos
* Quick release tab
* Molded Velcro closure