Ale Bike Wear Klimatik SS Jersey

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The Ale Bike Wear Klimatik Jersey is a short sleeve waterproof shell for cold, and very wet conditions. The fabric is so water resistant, rain drops do not penetrate the jersey—the drops just roll off. Even the 3 back pockets are water resistant. A long tail at the rear blocks road spray. The high Hermetic collar blocks rain and wind from coming in at the neck. At both ends of the cycling jersey, you are protected. The windproof fabric is also breathable so you don’t overheat and any sweat is evaporated. Visibility is increased with the reflective piping on the back pocket.
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* Rain proof fabric on the back: spray test= ISO 4 (on a scale from 1 to 5 where 5 means water resistant)
* Windproof
* Breathable
* Long tail
* High Hermetic collar
* 3 back pockets made of 3L Laminated water resistant fabric
* Reflective security piping on the back pocket