Ale Bike Wear Klimatik Bib Short

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Rain roles off the rain proof fabric of the Ale Bike Wear Klimatik Bib Shorts. Body heat is insulated by the fleece lining. Wind is blocked by the windproof fabric. The legs are long and the fabric is breathable. The combination of these features provides the cyclist protection on long rides in cold, wet weather. The bib shorts are designed based on the concept that the rider is bent over the handlebars, pushing the pedals with full effort. This concept has created a pair of bib shorts that enhances performance because they compress the muscles and move with the rider as he is in and out of the saddle. The Chamois 4H is made of elastic micro-fiber with thick padding placed in the high contact points. The chamois fits the shape of the body without chafing the seat. The chamois is breathable and fits the rider’s body as he is leaned over the bike and riding hard. Reflective stripes on the back increase visibility.
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* No water fleece
* Breathable
* Rain proof fabric on the back: spray test= ISO 4 (on a scale from 1 to 5 where 5 means water resistant)
* Windproof
* Long leg
* Reflective security stripes on the back
* Chamois 4H