Castelli Girone Jersey FZ - Women's

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The Castelli Girone Women’s Jersey FZ wicks sweat immediately and keeps away the chill on fall and early winter rides. Wool was traditionally used to keeps cyclists dry as they began to sweat. Years later, polyester was found to be a very breathable lightweight fabric which made cyclists more comfortable as they rode hard on a bike. In the Girone, Castelli uses traditional wool but combines it with modern polyester fabric. The YLL Camlock zipper provides an easy way to let in an extra bit of cooling air. For the female cyclist planning to take a long weekend trip on the bike, three rear pockets provide a place to store riding food and an extra water bottle.

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* Retro styling on retro wool fabric
* Lightly brushed performance wool/polyester fabric wicks moisture to outside of fabric Sublimation-printed graphic
* YKK® Camlock zipper
* 3 rear pockets
* Comfort Zone 15°-20°C / 59°-68°F