Castelli Mortirolo Reflex Jacket

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The Castelli Mortirolo Reflex Jacket is a top seller for a very good reason—in the Mortirolo, a cyclist can stay warm as he starts a ride in cold weather but not overheat when the hard riding begins. The secret is breathable, Windstopper X-fast fabric on the front and breathable, Warmer fabric on the back. Breathable fabrics circulate air to wick sweat and cool the rider. The two fabrics combined provide total body comfort. The Castelli cycling jacket fends off cold wind, evaporates sweat and lifts heat away from the body. The Windstopper fabric has three layers---the soft layer closest to the skin wicks sweat. The Windstopper membrane seals out wind and rain while still allowing air to circulate. The outer layer is flat and compact creating an aerodynamic surface. Although the rider has excellent protection throughout this three layered jacket, the cycling jacket is a light race weight. The back is made with a stretchy Warmer fabric that creates a close fitting cycling jacket that also circulates air to wick away sweat. The race fit is thanks not only to the stretchy fabric but also to the Silicone gripper at waist that keeps the jacket from riding up. When the rider needs some cooling fresh air, the full length Camlock zipper and front zippered chest vents are easy to open. Lots of storage space is provided by the three external rear pockets.

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* WindstopperR X-Fast fabric on front is windproof and water-resistant
* Back in stretchy Warmer fabric to provide better fit and prevent overheating
* Front zippered chest vents
* Silicone gripper at waist keeps jacket from riding up
* YKKR full length Camlock zipper
* 3 external rear pockets
* Reflective tabs keep you visible in low-light conditions
* Temperature range 6°-15°C / 43°-59°F