Castelli 4.3.1 Glove

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With just a slight adjustment, the Castelli 4.3.1 Glove can be used in both very cold weather and in moderately cool weather. You can use it as a standard glove on moderately cold days, or can recreate a mitten and pull out the finger flap to add extra warmth to 4 fingers. When you need more versatility in your hand, you can tuck in 3 fingers to keep your index finger free for shifting and braking. Warmth and comfort are enhanced with the Polartec® PowerStretch fleece liner. At the wrist, Velcro closure secures the fit and Microsuede thumb panel provides a smooth surface to wipe away face sweat.

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* Converts from a glove to a mitten, or leave the index finger out and cover
* 3 fingers for versatility and cold-weather protection
* Fold-away windproof finger cover that can be brought out when needed
* Velcro closure to secure fit at wrist
* Polartec® PowerStretch fleece liner for warmth and comfort
* Reflective print on back of hand Microsuede thumb panel
* Comfort Zone 0°-10°C / 32°-50°F