Castelli Nanoflex 2 Bibtight

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There’s nothing worse than having moisture soak through your clothing on cold morning training rides. In order to provide cyclists who want to ride through wind, rain or sleet, Castelli coated their warm Thermoflex fabric with millions of nanofilaments to create Castelli’s Nanoflex fabric. Nanoflex on the surface repels water so raindrops roll off the bib tights and the rider stays dry. Besides repelling water, the Nanoflex 2 Bib Tights maintain their warmth and ability to block wind. Not only do you stay warm and comfortable in the Castelli Nanoflex 2 Bibtights, but you stay dry which helps during the wet winter months. The Nanoflex Bibtights are race lightweight and stretchy like you’re ready for the start line. The Nanoflex is made with a fleecy inner-lining that traps warm air against the skin and wicks away moisture to keep you dry. The bib straps stay dry because they are breathable. The KISS Air seat pad is designed to carefully follow the shape of a man’s body so he has the right amount of protection in the right areas. The area closest to the skin is seamless, super soft and brushed with a microfiber top. This Castelli seat pad provides amazing comfort on those cold, wet rides. Another feature that enhances comfort is the seat pad’s ability to move with every pedal stroke so there is no chafing or irritation. A bacteriostatic treatment has been applied so the rider doesn’t develop saddle sores or infections. The padding has variable thicknesses. The padding is thickest in the areas where there is the most seat pressure and thinner in less pressured areas. The padding thins down gradually so no padding will rub the seat area. The GIRO 3 ankle grippers lie flat and seal over a shoe cover so no cold air seeps into the bib tights. When you re-zip the zipper, the bib tights fit close to the skin so air flows over without any fabric interruption. Reflective tape on the Camlock zippers increases visibility.

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* Nano Flex fabric provides outstanding warmth and stretch with water resistance
* Minimal seams for maximum water resistance
* KISS Air seat pad for all-day comfort
* Mesh bib straps for breathability
* Reflective screen-printed
* Castelli graphic on both legs
* GIRO 3 ankle grippers lie flat and seal around shoecover YKK ® ankle
* Camlock zippers with reflective tape for high visibility
* Comfort zone 6°-18°C / 43°-64°F