Castelli Reflex Shoecover

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In the all over-reflective Castelli Reflex Shoecover you will be safe and be seen. This Castelli shoe cover is also waterproof and windproof and it keeps your feet dry and warm in cold temperatures. The seams are sealed and the front area that receives the most batter from the rain is ultra-waterproof. Highly stretch material provides a shoe cover that lightly compresses the shoe so no water or wind seeps against your foot. This material also makes it an aerodynamic shoe cover. The Cordura sole is durable and it maintains the shoe cover’s shape.

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* Reflective, waterproof and windproof protection from cold temperatures
* High stretch all-over reflective material for high visibility and flexibility
* Ultra-light waterproof zipper to keep water out
* Seamed sealed for waterproof front
* Cordura sole
* Castelli wordmark heat transfer on outside
* Comfort zone 6°-12°C / 43°-53°F