Castelli Narcisista Shoecover - 2015

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The thick fleecy fabrics that make up the Castelli Narcisista Shoecover keep the wind and cold at bay. The Stratolight fabric provides superior insulation for the foot that is very sensitive to cold weather—there’s nothing worse than losing feeling in your toes because of the cold weather. The Narcisista keeps the foot warm enough to that the blood flows and the feet can pedal for miles and stay comfortable. The Plisse inserts provide flexibility of the foot which is another feature that ensures that blood flows throughout the feet. A welded waterproof zipper has been added for extra protection against rain. Reflective detailing at the back increases visibility on low lit days.

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* Windproof protection from cold temperatures
* Stratolight fabric with neoprene inserts for warmth and flexibility
* Welded waterproof zipper on side to keep water out
* Reflective detailing on back
* Plisse insert
* 2°-12°C / 36°-54°F