Ale PRR Krakatoa Winter Bib Short - Women's

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The Ale PRR Krakatoa Women’s Bib Shorts keep you warm on chilly days but on days when the temperature drops to just above freezing, the bib shorts are ideally used with leg warmers and they will keep you cozy warm. The soft fleece fabric insulates body heat and its open structure guarantees breath-ability so you don’t overheat. The life of the bib shorts is extended with the fabric’s high resistance to abrasion on the inner leg and area in contact with the seat. Ale elastic bands are combined with carbon fabric inserts in the bib straps. This combination provides bibs that stay dry and allow air to ventilate over the skin so the material doesn’t chafe or stick to the skin. The leg bands are made with a 60 mm elastic band woven with silicone. This construction keeps the shorts in place without pinching the skin. The 4Wh chamois pad is made to fit the shape of the woman’s seat. The layer closest to the skin is made of an elastic micro-fiber with the right amount of padding placed in the areas of contact between body and saddle. High density padding is placed in contact areas of highest pressure. The padding is breathable and wicking so the cyclist is protected from the stresses of the road while staying dry and comfortable. Reflective piping has been added along the leg to increase visibility.

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* Thermal fleece fabric to ensure maximum comfort
* “Free system bib” which combines the Alè elastic band with carbon fabric inserts
* Reflective piping along the leg
* LG stability system™ bottom leg, a 60mm elastic band with silicon woven in the structure to keep the garment in place and distribute the pressure on the leg
* Winter conditions 40-50 F  (5-10 C)