Ale PRR Ale Ale Winter Jacket - Women's

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The three layers of the Ale PRR Ale Ale Women's Winter Jacket block wind, insulate body heat and wick sweat. An amazing amount of winter protection in a very lightweight winter cycling jacket provides the female cyclist what she needs to stay comfortable racing her bike in medium cold weather. The 3-layer laminated fabric on shoulders and front is used in Ale’s winter jackets because it keeps in body heat and wicks away sweat. The outer surface, which is fine and compact, provides a smooth surface for air flow. On the back, the thermal fleece fabric maintains body warmth and it evaporates sweat nearly immediately so the rider stays dry all the time. The Ale Ale is a warm, breathable, aerodynamic winter jacket for a woman cyclist who wants to ride fast year round. The high collar can be sealed in with a long zipper that has a protective flap to block out wind. The waist is kept in place with an elastic system made of a double-layered fabric that keeps the jacket in place for a perfect fit. Storage for food, money and keys is provided with three easy-to-access pockets with a fourth zippered pocket.
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* Windfront laminated 3L light fabric strategically positioned in the front and sleeves in order to protect the body from the cold
* Thermal fleece fabric in the back to ensure adequate moisture management
* High collar, long zipper with protective flap, anatomical cuffs
* J- stability system ™ in the bottom hem to keep the garment in place
* 3 rear pockets with a fourth zippered pocket with reflectivity
* Reflective stripes on the back for visibility
* Winter conditions 40-50 F  (5-10 C)