Ale PRR Ponente Winter Bib Short

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When worn with leg warmers, the Ale PRR Ponente Winter Bib Shorts are designed to keep a rider warm in medium cold conditions. The soft fleece fabric maintains body heat and the rider’s comfort. The quick drying Super Roubaix fabric supports the muscles and provides a very smooth surface for airflow. Aerodynamics has been perfected with wind tunnel testing. The compressive fabric, free system bib and 60 mm elastic band have been used to create a race quality bib short used by professional racers around the world. Ale’s elastic bands have been combined with highly breathable carbon fiber inserts to create bibs that stay dry and keep the shorts in place. Elastic bands are woven with silicone into a 60 mm leg band that keeps the shorts from riding up without pinching the legs. Reflective piping has been added to the legs to increase visibility. The 4H chamois pad is multi-layered. The outer layer is made of an elastic micro-fiber which adjusts to the shape of the body so there is no chafing of pad on skin. The padding is thickest in the high pressure contact areas to protect against the shocks of the road. This padding thins down so there is no unnecessary bulk and the cyclist can ride deep in the handlebars and keep a smooth pedal stroke. The padding is highly breathable so the cyclist stays dry and comfortable. In the Ponente you will stay motivated to stay fit when it gets cold
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* Thermal fleece fabric to ensure maximum comfort
* “Free system bib” which combines the Alè elastic band with carbon fabric inserts
* Reflective piping along the leg
* LG stability system™ bottom leg, a 60mm elastic band with silicon woven in the structure to keep the garment in place and distribute the pressure on the leg
* 4H chamois pad made of elastic micro-fiber with padding strategically
* Winter conditions 40-50 F  (5-10 C)