Ale PRR Ale Ale Bibtights

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The Ale PRR Ale Ale Bibtights keep you warm and dry so you perform at your highest levels during the cooler winter months. The soft fleece fabric keeps in body heat while the Super Roubaix fabric compresses and dries quickly. The soft fleece fabric is an incredibly comfortable insulating material that allows air to circulate. In Ale’s Super Roubaix fabric, the cyclist’s legs get just the right amount of compression so that blood flow is stimulated without restricting movement. The elastic micro-fiber in the 4H chamois pad is comfortable against the skin. Padding is strategically positioned in the points of contact. Higher density padding is placed in areas of the highest pressure. All the padding is breathable so the rider stays dry. Zippers at the bottom of the leg do not rub against the ankles and they are very easy to open and close as you get in and out of the bib tights. Reflective piping on the zippers and legs increases visibility. The PRR series of Ale cycling clothing was designed for Ale’s professional and amateur teams around the world. Wind tunnel testing and rider input have resulted in highly aerodynamic, performance geared cycling clothing.
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* Thermal fleece fabric to ensure maximum comfort
* Printed panels in the legs and in the back panel
* Reflective piping along the leg
* Reflective zippers in the bottom legs to ensure maximum visibility
* 4H chamois pad made of elastic micro-fiber with padding strategically
* Winter conditions 40-50 F  (5-10 C)