Ale PRR Clima Protection LS Winter Jersey

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On chilly fall and early winter training rides and races, the Ale PRR Clima Protection LS Winter Jersey keeps the body warm, dry and ready to take on hard efforts. The Ale long sleeve winter jersey has a close fit and an amazing capacity to wick sweat immediately. By keeping the rider dry, the Clima maintains optimal body temperature which allows the cyclist’s legs to contract and recover quickly over long periods of time. The fleece fabric is a tightly woven mesh that entraps air to wick sweat and insulate body heat. This fabric is used in race quality clothing because it is incredibly lightweight. Not only does the fabric maintain a cyclist’s comfort, but it also feels as light as a race quality short sleeve jersey. The garage over the long zipper provides a smooth surface for airflow. The zipper is easy to open up for some fresh air as the temperature rises. Adding to the aerodynamic features is the dual layered elastic waist hem that doesn’t pinch as it keeps the jersey in place. Food to keep you fueled on the bike can be easily stored and retrieved in the 3 rear pockets. A fourth zippered pocket on the side is a safe way to secure your keys and money.

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* Fleece fabric to ensure maximum comfort and moisture management
* New fabric with an internal square surface in the inserts to promote moisture management and keep the volume of the garment to a minimum
* Long zipper with garages, anatomical cuffs
* J-stability system ™ in the bottom front to keep the garment in place
* 3 rear pockets with a fourth pocket with reflective zipper
* Winter Conditions 50-60 F (10-15 C)