Ale Bike Wear Klimatik Rain Vest 755

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Add the Ale Bike Wear Klimatik Rain Vest 755 to your “emergency” collection so you can ride even in persistent rain. Rain roles off the laminated waterproof fabric which also evaporates sweat. In the armpits, extra ventilating fabric was placed so rider sweat is immediately wicked away. In the Klimatik Rain Vest, the serious cyclist stays dry inside and out. Rain is kept out with panels sewn with sealed seams and the collar that covers the entire neck. The rain vest has a long tail with an opening to access jersey pockets. If the rain subsides during the ride, the full length zipper is easy to open and the vest is compact enough to store in the jersey rear pocket.
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* “Premium class” windproof vest shell jacket
* Ergonomic cut
* Maximum protection
* Long tail with back opening for easy access to the pockets of the jersey
* Hermetic collar
* Armpit ventilation system
* Laminated waterproof 2.5 layer fabric (e-vent) with protective printed membrane: a micropored membrane that moves away humidity from the skin thanks to the direct ventilation system
* High water repellency (water column 10.000 mm H2O)
* High breathability.