Ale Ultra Canale Winter Jacket

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The Ale Ultra Canale Winter Jacket is the ultimate winter jacket for the performance rider. Every area of the jacket is body mapped to take care of the body when riders are pushing themselves in cold weather. Riders require insulation against cold weather and a surface that blocks out cold wind. When body temperature rises during an effort, the resulting body heat needs a way to dissipate so the rider doesn’t overheat. The sweat needs to evaporate off the skin so the rider doesn’t ride wet in cold weather. The Ultra Canale Winter Jacket does just this with the front and sleeves made with the Windfront 3 layer fabric that’s known for its ability to keep a rider warm and dry. At the layer closest to the skin, the E-vent membrane ventilates and pulls away body heat. The ventilation also dries off sweat. The mid-layer is made of soft, thermal polyester that insulates body heat and the sponge structure circulates air to keep the rider fresh. The outer layer is smooth and aerodynamic making the Ultra Canale jacket for the rider who wants to ride fast during the winter season. The high collar seals in body heat at the neck and a doubled layered elastic seals in body warmth at the hem. The long zipper makes it easy to get in and out of the jacket and it allows the wearer to let in needed cool air. Reflective stripes on the back for visibility and three rear pockets top off the list of qualities the Ale Ultra Winter Jacket offers the rider who wants to stay fit year-round.

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* Windfront laminated 3l fabric strategically positioned on the front and sleeves in order to protect the body from the cold
* Thermal fabric without membrane on the back to ensure adequate moisture management
* High collar, long zipper with protective flap, anatomical cuffs
* 3 rear pockets
* Reflective stripes on the back for visibility
* Winter conditions 40-50 F  (5-10 C)