Ale Ultra Marte Winter Jacket

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Staying warm without overheating has been one of the challenges of companies making winter cycling clothing. Winter cycling jackets have made leaps and bounds over the last few years. The development of new textiles and discoveries of finding the right combinations of fabrics has been laid out and offered by top manufacturers. Ale is one of those cycling clothing companies and most recently they designed the Ale Ultra Marte Winter Jacket which is one of those top level cycling jackets that keeps the cyclist dry while also keeping him warm without overheating. This feat was accomplished with the Windfront laminated 3 layer fabric placed on the front and sleeves. The layer closest to the skin is made of a soft mesh fabric that circulates air and keeps the rider dry. The Windtex membrane in the middle blocks out wind and insulates body heat. The layer on the outside is compact and smooth for smooth air flow. The back is made with thermal fabric which has an amazing amount of ventilation so the rider stays warm and very dry. High collar and long zipper with protective flap keep the cycling jacket sealed closed to the cold wind.
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* Windfront laminated 3 layer fabric strategically positioned on the front and sleeves in order to protect the body from the cold
* Thermal fabric without membrane on the back to ensure adequate moisture management
* High collar, long zipper with protective flap, anatomical cuffs
* 3 rear pockets
* Reflective stripes on the back for visibility
* Recommended temperature ranges 40-50 F (5-10 C)